Operation Claude Robinson


Claude Robinson has been fighting alone since 1995…
Caricature: Serge Chapleau, La Presse, September 2, 2008

Claude Robinson is a citizen of Quebec, a creator and an illustrator, who has been fighting alone, for 15 years, against unscrupulous multinationals from the movie and television industry who stole and exploited his work.

We are a group that gathers some of Claude’s friends, cultural workers and various citizens from all walks of life. We consider that this situation has been going on for far too long, and we want to support our friend, colleague and fellow citizen. There is a limit to watching someone fight alone, without of any resources, against a wall of “white collar criminals” who have access to boundless funds. This limit has been crossed.
Our objectives are clear. On one hand, we want to help Claude Robinson and show him he’s not alone in his fight. On the other, we want to financially contribute to his cause and invite our fellow citizens to do so, in order to re-establish some balance in this uneven fight.

By the end of 2009, we all thought that Claude Robinson had won. Yet, we had underestimated the firms’ obstinacy who, despite the verdict which had pinned them as brazen plagiarists, decided to appeal the case. Their tactics are simple: they want to fight a war of attrition where they strike with abusive procedures and cop outs. Instead of acting upon the severe accusations cast at them and repairing their wrongdoings, Cinar and its accomplices are attempting to delay the consequences of their actions by at least two years, while they hope to financially and psychologically drain Claude. Such a procedure leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars in various fees… These fees require money, which after fifteen years spent fighting, Claude does not have anymore—his opponents are well aware of this fact.

The Operation Claude Robinson Web site will allow you to understand the situation better, to know the timeline and to follow its developments. We hope it will allow you to know this talented and iron-willed creator and citizen better. Ultimately, we hope that you will want to become a friend of Claude and help him.